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From Celebrity Nutritionist Haylie Pomroy

"I can't believe just how much Haylie gives us! We get everything we need and then some!" - Mike H.

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From 0-58 points are possible. The lower the score the better. Your results will be displayed and emailed to you along with a plan to help lower your score.

Remember, a high score, or "slower metabolism", is not permanent! Everyone can speed up their metabolism, regardless of their genetics.

What Happens Next?

1. Step one

Start by taking the Metabolism Check up so we can identify your baseline needs and get you started with a plan! 

2. Step two

Get an entire month of membership free just for taking the metabolism score quiz! Our thanks to you. 

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3. Step three

Success begins with support! The challenge support group (one for each challenge) are full of every body shape, body type, physical need, and experience level. Whether you are just getting started with the FMD (fast metabolism diet) program, or a seasoned veteran, you will find answers, support, love, and direction. Together we can make anything happen and it's my honor to offer support and structure in a sea of conflicting information.

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What's Included In Your Free Challenge?

Every meal and snack has been planned for your greatest success! Our 10-day meal map includes whole-food shakes for breakfast, 5 lunch and dinner recipes, and of course, delicious snacks to fuel your body and any cravings that may come up. This program has been engineered from the start to support your success and is why we have such amazing testimonials. Our members feel both supported and empowered to stay on track!

A custom 10-day meal plan

You are supported every step of the way with daily videos offering inspirational tips and encouragement to help keep you on your plan. These videos are the lifeline for your continued excitement in the plan and your day. Knowing you are not alone makes the journey all the better, and Haylie is masterful at ensuring participants know they are loved and cared for. 

Daily emails, video training & more!

It's not a starvation cleanse, a "shake-only cleanse", and it's anything but boring! The targeted food regiment encourages you to eat while cleansing. Targeted master food lists promote the body’s natural detox system to stimulate rapid fat burning. All the recipes included are based on this powerful food list, developed in both clinical and field uses, for decades of successful cleansers.

Targeted master food lists

In the member community you will learn the right times to eat, what to eat, and how to prepare it. Recipes, guidance, and friendship are all included when you take advantage of our free offer. Enjoy decadent fruits, healthy proteins, delicious fats, and complex carbohydrates as you eat your way to health.

Let’s ignite our metabolisms together


Haylie Pomroy is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, leading health and wellness entrepreneur, celebrity nutritionist, and motivational speaker whose "Food is Medicine" philosophy resonates deeply with her fans. Her community includes real people who have lost millions of pounds and gained immeasurable energy and health. Through her strategic programs, Haylie has proven that there is power on your plate. She believes people can fall in love with delicious and decadent food because eating is a positive, biological exercise and food functions as the body's ally, not its enemy. She understands that people really can eat more food and lose more weight.

50+ Reviews

I have tried other diets like Atkins, the South Beach Diet and even those all water cleanses. Haylie’s diet was unlike all the others — it actually taught me that food isn’t the enemy and we should use it to our advantage. It taught me that there is healthy stuff that I enjoy eating, and that cooking amazing, healthy food could be fun


...on my ninth day on the diet, I walked on a treadmill and I noticed that I just had so much energy and felt fantastic. Afterward, I thought: This is how people are supposed to feel all the time! I was euphoric, mentally and physically.It was amazing, probably the best I had ever felt in my life. I regretted that I wasted so many years in a haze of unhealthy eating and being overweight

Denise T


The FMD book came into the library, and once I looked at it... bells just started going off. I have been saying for awhile now 'why are we suppose to decrease our food so much if cutting calories decreases our metabolism??". Your plan made SO much sense and the best part - livable!!! Previously not much worked, I actually started trying to lose weight 11 months earlier.

Michelle R

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